EB Large-size Electric Screen (Roll-up type)

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A large-size electric screen up to 450”


  • The high linearity without bending is secured with the many hanging points on the upper pipe which is rolled down to the bottom.
  • Applicable to many custom-orders. Flexible and incorporated to various systems to be adjusted with other equipments, this large-size screen is most suitable for a stage, a gymnasium and a public hall.
  • A roll-up drum and pulley are employed to protect kinks* and breakage of wires.*kink: a sort of form of collapse and caused by a tangle and modification.
  • Operating voltage is 24V for safety.
  • If it happens that the switch cable is broken, B point of contact makes the operation stops immediately during up and down operations.
  • Below shows the standard sizes only. Any custom-orders are acceptable.