SMP Series (Manual Pull-down Screen, Panel-type)

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Simplified construction and design matches various environments.
The existence of a screen diminishes by the super flat design.

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  • You don’t feel the depth of the screen due to the simple design that eliminates all unnecessary decorations.
  • The symmetry construction makes it easy to locate the center point. The center mark sheet is easily taken off after installation.
  • The front panel color is selectable: White or Black. Replacement to the different color panel is also possible.
  • The front panel is detachable even after the installation.
  • With the use of bigger roller, the linearity of the screen is much improved compared with the older models.
  • The newly designed rotary dumper reduces the operation noise (29% lower than the old models)
  • The tension adjustment mechanism is equipped as standard. The wrinkle can be easily adjusted by the aged deterioration of the fabric.
  • The under-pipe goes into the case and fit perfectly. Remarkable straight-forward outlook.
    • The screen sizes are available by 10” steps. Same design and wide variations.
    • A light weight aluminum hook bar is equipped according to the sizes.
    • Complied with RoHS.
    • The sliding brackets are the standard for the models up to 150”. For the models from 160” to 200”, the side brackets are the standard.The side brackets are also available as option for the models up to 150” (“S-M2”).