STP Series (Panel type with Tab-tension Electric Screen)

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Applying for Electric Screen, “Pure Mat Ⅲ Cinema (WF302)” is evolved from Pure Mat Ⅲ.
“Pure Mat Ⅲ Cinema (WF302)” can diffuse picture uniformly and evenly, and provide the deep focus.
Then “Pure Mat Ⅲ Cinema (WF302)” follows the concept of pure mat series, “Not add or reduce anything to/from picture” as it reflects the specific of the projector.
It is the culmination of home theater screen for gift to movie fans.

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  • Fabric
    Pure Mat Ⅲ Cinema is a special fabric weaved by two types of different way called as a special double weave.
  • Reproduced image with natural and calm
    The weave pattern of random fabric surface of Pure Mat Ⅲ Cinema is reduced up to 1/4 by halving the thickness of the yarn comparing Pure Mat Ⅱ.
    It makes possible to reproduce a very soft and standard picture, and excellent focus feeling.
    It is exactly the screen to feel the transparent air feeling.
  • Winding
    Pure Mat Ⅲ Cinema is strengthened the fabric of Pure Mat Ⅲ for a rollable fabric.
  • No PVC fabric
    PVC doesn’t be used to Pure Mat Ⅲ Cinema. Synthetic fibers (polyester) is main material.
  • Further increased diffusivity
    Reflection property Gain 1.00 starts from 3 degree.
    It keeps Gain 0.92 at 60 degree viewing position.
    It draw a nearly flat curve.
    I was close to perfect diffusion than compared to Pure Mat Ⅲ.
  • Diffusion type white mat
    Optical properties of Pure Mat Ⅲ Cinema is possible to reproduce the same image quality regardless of the position of the viewer or projector installation position and have characteristics of complete diffusion type white mat.