SZP Side-tension Screen (Modular type)

Side-tension mechanism
The left and right tabs going through the strings, applying tension to the sides of the surface, protect the wrinkles on the screen surface.

 Diameter of the screen roller expanded
The screen roller is supported at left and right end, and subject to bend, which causes wrinkles. SZP expanded the roller diameter from other conventional models of ours and made bending to the minimum.

 The original tab material
The tab of SZP employs the material containing glass fiber without any elasticity so that the tension becomes uniform.

 Adoption of the special fabric for a side-tension screen
An exclusive fabric is employed to assure the linearity of a side-tension screen. (Fabric model name :WV101) Equipped with fire retardant certificate, it can be safely used at a school and an office.

 Double anti-wrinkles mechanism
<Side-tension mechanism>
The equal tension is maintained to the left and right sides of the screen by the strings going through the tabs. Furthermore, turning the knobs at both ends of the weight bar, rolls up the strings, and fine-adjust the tension.

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  • The simple and flat panel design fits with any mounting places.
  • The symmetry construction makes it easy to locate the center point. The center mark sheet is supplied for easier installation.
  • The front panel is selectable: white & black. Replacement after installation is possible.
  • The front panel is detachable, and the replacement of fabrics is easy.
  • A bigger diameter roller is employed, for superior linearity.
  • The weight bar fits the case in restoring the screen,giving a neat look.
  • The limit (stop position) is adjustable by the remote controller or wall switch.
  • The tally output allows the screen control.
  • The trigger output allows the combined operation with a projector. (A trigger cable is equipped.)
  • The PCB box is detachable, which makes the maintenance easier after installation.
  • RoHS Complied.
  • Printing names on the panel for anniversaries acceptable upon request.
  • The sliding brackets for easier installation are the standard. Side-brackets(S-M2) also available as option.