WSM (Projector Magnet Sheet)

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The magnet sheet is attached to a blackboard or white board. High linearity and most suitable for the short-distance projector.
Drawing on the projected image is also possible.

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  • The whole surface magnet assures linearity for a short-distance projector.
  • A smooth deployment and restoring thanks to OS roll-up screen technology with spring.
  • With the use of the slide rail, the sheet can move horizontally to any desired position (within the width of 3200mm) on a blackboard or whiteboard.
    (The slide rail is equipped with WSM-RV1 as standard, and an option(W-R1) for WSM-FV1.)
  • As long as magnet can adhere, it can be used for a whiteboard or partition.
  • A high linearity magnet sheet, without any curls at edges.
  • Free drawing by whiteboard markers, and can be erased.
  • A handle is designed for safety, and can be pulled out with strength. It prevents an injury, even if a student is hooked.
  • Markers and an eraser are equipped as standard.
  • RoHS complied.
  • VOC(Volatile organic compound) complied.