IM (Manual Type)

Infoshot takes you to an innovative and exciting world

  • As a window display or interactive advertisement

  • As a dynamic display in exhibitions

  • To create ambience for evening events

[SafeE] SEP Series (Panel Type Electric Screen, Module Box)

The SafeE series are the range of products using the ecology fabric, woven up by 51% chemical recycle fibers: it is consisted of the 3 electric screens and 3 manual screens.   All SafeE products are safe against VOC*1).  OS has been making environmental friendly products, including F☆☆☆☆ complied AV cabinets, which restricts the formaldehyde, RoHS*2) compliance products which eliminate the hazardous materials to maintain the unpolluted environment for future, and is committed to continue the activities from designing, production, distribution to recycle in the LCA(Life Circle Assessment) procedures, and expand the SafeE series.

SZP Side-tension Screen (Modular type)

Side-tension mechanism
The left and right tabs going through the strings, applying tension to the sides of the surface, protect the wrinkles on the screen surface.

 Diameter of the screen roller expanded
The screen roller is supported at left and right end, and subject to bend, which causes wrinkles. SZP expanded the roller diameter from other conventional models of ours and made bending to the minimum.

 The original tab material
The tab of SZP employs the material containing glass fiber without any elasticity so that the tension becomes uniform.

 Adoption of the special fabric for a side-tension screen
An exclusive fabric is employed to assure the linearity of a side-tension screen. (Fabric model name :WV101) Equipped with fire retardant certificate, it can be safely used at a school and an office.

 Double anti-wrinkles mechanism
<Side-tension mechanism>
The equal tension is maintained to the left and right sides of the screen by the strings going through the tabs. Furthermore, turning the knobs at both ends of the weight bar, rolls up the strings, and fine-adjust the tension.

SEP Series (Panel Type Electric Screen, Module Box)

Wide size line-ups!
Available from 80″ to 200″ by 10″ steps.

The front panel is detachable, and the replacement of fabrics is easy.

 Easy installation!
The sliding brackets make the installation quick and easy.

 Improved linearity!
The tension adjustment mechanism equipped to ensure fabric linearity.

The limit (stop position) setting can be set by the remote controller and wall switch for all sizes.

 Detachable PCB box!
SMaintenance is made easy, without taking off the screen.

 New Design!
Symmetric casing design.

STP Series (Panel type with Tab-tension Electric Screen)

Applying for Electric Screen, “Pure Mat Ⅲ Cinema (WF302)” is evolved from Pure Mat Ⅲ.
“Pure Mat Ⅲ Cinema (WF302)” can diffuse picture uniformly and evenly, and provide the deep focus.
Then “Pure Mat Ⅲ Cinema (WF302)” follows the concept of pure mat series, “Not add or reduce anything to/from picture” as it reflects the specific of the projector.
It is the culmination of home theater screen for gift to movie fans.